How to Create a Cash Magnet E-commerce or affiliate website.

Lets dive right in.

If you’ve been online for more than a day you’ve most likely heard some “expert” somewhere advise that you develop a Money Magnet Web Site – a website that is
extremely automated and assists you earn money 24 hours a day. While that may * sound * terrific, what they often forget to tell you is HOW to do that.

Well, I’m going to inform you right now, in this short article!

What IS a Money Magnet Web Site? A Money Magnet Web Site can be specified as one that is equipped with an integrated suite of both e-commerce and online marketing
tools in a style that will permit you to be the most lucrative with the least amount of effort.

Most e-commerce systems are geared up with the following basics: a shopping cart, approval and processing of charge card, an upkeep system that permits you to
add/change items, an order-retrieval system that allows you to satisfy orders.

However, what the majority of them are lacking are marketing tools. There are a number of marketing strategies that are essential in the production of an effective
e-commerce web site: email marketing (broadcasting) of prospects/customers, effective usage of autoresponders (generate automatic email messages), online newsletter,
online form/survey to capture your possibility’s email address electronic product shipment (if you sold a digital product), ad (advertisement) tracking, back end
sales, affiliate program.

Now, if you had a system that would support the integration of ALL of these marketing tools in addition to the necessary e-commerce essentials, then you would have a
Money Magnet Web Site. It has actually been revealed that it typically takes 7 or more ad direct exposures prior to potential customers really make a purchase.
Think about the following situation:

A possibility clicks on an ad in an online magazine. You start to send them a month-to-month email newsletter. In addition, an autoresponder kicks in to thank them
for joining the newsletter as well as scheduling them to get email twice a month for the next 90 days restating your product benefits and inviting them to try it out.

You then resend them your “juicy” offer that they find irrisistable, they lastly decide to purchase. They will instantly be gotten rid of from your prospect list and
converted to your consumer list.

Based on the specific services or product they’ve bought, they will receive a series of e-mails every two weeks for the next 6 months offering complementary products.
This will be the engine that will drive your back end sales and keep your consumers coming back to your website.

Having the ability to play out a circumstance such as this utilizing one integrated system would be pretty remarkable don’t you think? The web huge kids do this with
costly e-commerce platform suites of products such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle just to name a few etc. Having your system instantly perform these follow up jobs
releases you to have much more time to work on your business, more time for your family! your health and the things you like doing.

=====> What can you do to acquire a cash magnet website?

Thankfully, there are multiple ways on the internet in which you can automate your site in similar ways that the huge kids do. The very best and most cost-efficient
way would be to sign up with one of the handful of Application Service Providers offered on the internet, which provide a shopping cart incorporated with a full suite
of marketing tools. Generally, the shopping cart and tools are very flexible and can be included into any website.

=====> Are there any other ways to automate your service besides working with an overall option supplier?

You can achieve some level of automation without an incorporated shopping cart system, however, it will need manual intervention and of course it would be
insufficient. I believe that the most essential asset of your e-commerce service is your email lists. Concentrate on the implementation of a great
autoresponder/list server system to “boost” your present e-commerce website. There are a number of great ones on themarket.

Look for service providers that enable you to: produce numerous lists, include prospects through a web kind, e-mail, or by hand through a management console,
send an unlimited number of autoresponder messages, send out a limitless variety of e-mail broadcasts, established and disperse a newsletter.

When setting up your autoresponder system, develop one list for your “prospects” and another one for your “customers”. Now, here’s where you are available in: when
a person orders your product, you will need to carry out the extra task of logging into your autoresponder system and manually eliminate them from the possibility
list and include them to the consumer list. This action will then trigger your customer autoresponder series of messages to be sent out.

Keep in mind, the key to developing a successful e-commerce web site is to automate your marketing engine as much as possible and drive your clients and prospects
back to your website. This will certainly produce a money magnet e-commerce web site for you!

Now, if you had a system that would support the integration of ALL of these marketing tools in addition to the necessary e-commerce basics, then you would have a
Money Magnet Web Site. The internet huge young boys do this with costly e-commerce platform suites produced by vendors such as IBM, Microsoft and Oracle etc. I think
that the most essential asset of your e-commerce organization is your e-mail lists. Concentrate on the execution of a great autoresponder/list server system to “improve”
your present e-commerce website. When setting up your autoresponder system, develop one list for your “prospects” and another one for your “consumers”.

One of the easiest way to start making money online is to join a good affiliate program. Just to name a few that you can check out. ProfitHost this is a one time cost
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safelist and traffic exchanges that do affiliate programs. Infact most businesses on the internet do an affiliate program that allows anyone who uses the internet to
be able to promote their offer, products or services for a commission. I would urge anyone especially in these days not to rely totally upon a job for your income,
because a job is not secure for life, but you can build a life time income with your own internet business. A word of caution, “no affiliate marketing program is a get
rich quick scheme” it does take time, effort and learning how to get free or paid traffic to your website, offer, product or service.

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